An array of foods saved inside your frost nova could be this type of help, particularly when catering for that unpredicted guest or occasionally when you might want to disappear, departing family to take care of themselves. Make sure to label these kinds of foods clearly using the date, contents and heating instructions.

Foods for example casseroles and stews, etc ought to be partly thawed out not less than one hour before heating inside a moderate oven (350ºF, gas # 4). Time permitted for heating will be different with respect to the quantity. Meals size for six typically takes one hour if partly thawed out first.

Freeze pies in aluminum foil cake plates for convenience. They might be frozen baked or unbaked. Cooked pies naturally take a shorter period to warmth through. Once more, pre-heat your oven (400ºF, gas number 5) having a baking tray in position. Put the frozen cake onto a warm baking tray. Bake for 35-40 minutes. The direct warmth will seal the pastry base prior to the filling thaws out, so stopping a wet base.

Soup might be frozen easily. Freeze in meal size portions. Warmth the soup gradually without thawing before serving.


1. Always employ grain flour to thicken gravy, sauces, stews, casseroles, etc., as regular flour or corn flour has a tendency to separate on thawing. Gravy shouldn’t be saved for too lengthy due to its high body fat content.

2. Remember your frost nova includes a tenderizing impact on all food, therefore only partially prepare any veggies to become incorporated in dishes to become frozen.

3. Whitened taters don’t freeze well, so omit from frozen stews and casseroles.

4. Growth and development of poor tastes is frequently triggered by flavor for example onion (in large amounts), herbal treatments, spices or herbs and wine, so it’s smarter to include these after thawing.

5. Always make certain foods are totally cold before packaging to freeze, as warm foods put into freezer cause condensation and lack of quantity.

Whenever you can use tinfoil or aluminum foil dishes for storing pre-cooked foods inside your freezer, because these may be used to reheat foods in a rush without thawing. This really is directly from freezer to oven and adds twenty minutes to heating time. Alternately, there’s a kind of ‘temperature-resistant’ casserole available on the market which might be taken right out the deep freezer and put immediately inside a hot oven.

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