Food in Ibiza and Formentera is generally simple with careful utilization of fresh local produce, herbal treatments and spices or herbs. This really is summarized within the dish of baked pork with milk mushrooms, which you’ll find on local menus as llom amb pebrassos as forn. To create this for 2 people you’ll need the next elements: 350 grams of milk mushrooms, 300 grams of pork (this ought to be in the shoulder), 1 clove of garlic clove, a little couple of parsley, paprika, a number of breadcrumbs, essential olive oil, pepper and salt.

The very first factor to complete is completely clean the mushrooms. Should you bought these questions local Formentera supermarket they’ll be tasty, but covered in dirt. The mushrooms ought to be sliced, and also the pork reduce four thick slices. Place the pork within an oiled dish and sprinkle it with paprika. The milk mushrooms will be spread within the pork, with salt, pepper, parsley, chopped garlic clove, and paprika added. All that you should do then is pour on some oil and bake it for a quarter-hour at 210 levels centigrade.

The guidelines to make sure that this recipe works include selecting a great cut of fresh pork. Using paprika is very moderate, but is essential to provide an account balance towards the garlic clove. If you do not chop the garlic clove carefully then it’s flavor won’t spread, and lastly this can be a dish that needs to be eaten piping hot, the moment it’s cooked – both you and your spouse will love it even more.

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