Some of the world’s most popular dishes come from Southeast Asia. One of the most widely renowned dishes in the world today is otahotah, also known as Otak Otak. It is a grilled fish cake that is made using ground fish meat, which is then mixed with a range of different spices and tapioca starch. The dish is most popular in parts of Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. In these countries, otahotah is generally served in a wrap made out of banana leaves. Many international stores also stock this dish, though it is generally available in the frozen food section. Otah otah can be consumed as a snack. However, if you want, you can also consume it with steamed rice as part of a proper meal.

known as Otak Otak


Otah otah is generally made by mixing a fish paste with a range of different spices and seasonings. The exact type of fish used in making otahotah might vary depending upon the region where you are. For instance, mackerel is most commonly used in Malaysia and other regions. Mackerel is also used in several international variants of the dish. In Indonesia, mackerel is not as popular in otahotah. Other types of fish, such as bandeng, ikantenggiri and the more expensive and premium ikanbelida might be used. The meat is ground first and then seasoned with a range of different spices. Other ingredients used in making otahotah include coconut milk, shallot, sugar and salt.

include coconut milk

Where to Try It

Otah otah, the best local food you must try, is widely available at plenty of different locations. The food is most commonly sold at fine dining restaurants that use expensive variants of fish when making the dish. However, it is very difficult to bring out the authentic flavour and presentation styles when making this dish. In certain parts of Indonesia, the same dish might be served wrapped in a banana leaf, while some might even cook the dish in banana leaves before serving.

Where to Try It

You can make variants of the dish at home. There are many companies that sell frozen otah otah mackerel fillets. These are frozen foods, so it is important that you keep them frozen until the time of actual use in order to prevent them from going bad.

Preparation is very easy, especially if you are using a frozen packet. Just steam the contents of the packet for around 10-12 minutes. If you want to toast it, cut the fish cake into smaller portions and then toast it at around 250 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 12-15 minutes. Or, if you want to microwave the dish, just take it out of the packet and wrap it in a cling film before placing it in a microwave. Put it on medium heat for around two or three minutes, and it is ready to be served!

Preparation is very easy

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