In many places, alcoholic beverages play a large part in their history. Due to a lot of different factors, alcohol has a long history in almost every country in the world. In many countries, alcoholic beverages became very prominent because the water was not necessarily safe to drink unless it was first cut with some alcohol. In other places, it was thought to be a sacred drink. In some others, they needed a way to make their harvest last longer, so they turned the excess into alcohol. That was the case in most countries; if you couldn’t use up all of your barley or corn before it would rot, you could ferment it into a beverage. It also works in your favour that alcoholic beverages tend to get better with time. Because of these factors, beer was present in just about every culture in some form or another. However, the beer that you are thinking of is distinctly German.

Bavarian Beer Standards

Bavarian law states that beer can only have three ingredients: water, barley, and hops. These have formed the basis of beer in most places for a long time now. Obviously, many different manufacturers add many different things to their beer for taste and consistency; however, the best beers are still those that adhere fairly closely to the old standards. There is a simplicity, a crispness, and a cleanness to a beer that is brewed simply. Tiger beer is one example of that kind of beer. When you chill with Tiger beer, you know that you’re getting something simple and refreshing.

Tiger is one of the oldest beer brands in Asia and definitely the oldest in Singapore. When it comes to beer, though, old isn’t a bad thing. Beer itself gets better with a little bit of age, and beer companies are definitely better if they’ve got a history.

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New Beer Standards

There are a lot of beer companies that rely on gimmicks and schemes to attract new customers. They brew beers with imported fruits and exotic flowers, but far too often that’s a way of avoiding the pitfalls of their own techniques. They add all of these various flavours to try and mask something that’s off in their process. With a simple beer brewed in a classic way, there’s no hiding the process. When the beer is made with just a few ingredients, those ingredients have to shine.

Order It Online

Lastly, you should definitely order your beer online. If you are buying beer in Singapore or anywhere around the world, you should find a great online retailer. An online retailer will be able to sell your beer at a much lower price than you would find in a brick and mortar store. They have much lower overhead costs, they don’t have expensive sales staff, and they are subject to different kinds of tax codes.

When you buy beer, you should demand that your beer is up to the highest standards. It should be a quality beer with simple ingredients and great taste.

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