Steaks are one of the best main dishes, hands down. You would also most likely find yourself a pleasant surprise when you try steaks from different restaurants around the world.

If you happen to be in Sydney, check out these 10 steakhouses that will tantalise your taste buds:

1. The Meat & Wine Co.

Why would you miss the chance to feast upon exclusive Monte meats sourced especially for your premium steak? In this restaurant, you can enjoy steaks cooked with South African flavours and techniques, giving you the sense of a multicultural feast.

2. Flame Lounge and Dining

Enjoy Angus and Wagyu beef while you are comfortably seated in oversized lounge chairs or by the open fireplace set in Dee Why, where you can go for a stroll on the nearby beach nearby after dinner. Free live music is also available to make your steak dinner more atmospheric every night.

3. Rockpool Bar & Grill

The steaks from this restaurant are directly sourced from local farmers and dry-aged inside the restaurant. Plenty of care goes into preparing the best possible steak meal for you, and Rockpool Bar & Grill has the perfect side dishes to match.

4. Chophouse

A contemporary Australian grill in Sydney, Chophouse has a well-known broiler named George who will enhance the natural flavours of your steak while grilling it. You can even opt for these steaks to be served as part of a burger if you’d like.

5. Firedoor

If you’re into smoked meat, you will love Firedoor. You will also be able to enjoy smoked vegetables, bread and perhaps one of their most unique offerings, smoked ice cream! You’ll have to visit to find out what that is all about.

6. Porteno

Porteno’s entrana, Kobe Wagyu beef grilled over charcoal, is a must-try if you are visiting this restaurant. Don’t be surprised to see the staff here sporting arm tattoos and 1950’s hairstyles all slicked back – it all adds on to the barbie atmosphere as they charcoal-grill your meals for you.

7. Steerson’s Steakhouse

Pick your favourite beef cut, all sourced from local beef farmers, and get recommendations from the chef on how the cut is best cooked . The name and the steak knives ready set on the tables say enough about the specialities. Any more introductions needed?

8. The Glenmore

Visit the Glenmore if you are looking to have your meal with a nice view to boot. This location is well-known for its premier rooftop venue and the 180-degree views of the Sydney Harbour that tourists absolutely love. Try their Black Angus scotch fillet while you are there.

9. Fratelli Paradiso

Here’s how good this restaurant is: Even chefs love eating here! It wouldn’t be surprising to find the restaurant crowded every day and night. If you happen to visit and get a table, be sure to try their ‘Fiorentina.’

10. Bovine & Swine

The name already gives you an idea of what you can expect while you are at this restaurant. You can choose between beef and pork, or have the meat plate and go for both at the same time!

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